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Please be considerate of the time when calling.  We work to be available 8am - 6pm daily. Email is available 24x7x365 and helps us keep an audit trail of our communications with you.

We're in the fields as much as possible, especially during hunting seasons. Some of our leases are in areas with limited coverage for cellular service. If you don't reach the person you're attempting to call, leave a message or send an email.

It's always a good idea to keep phone numbers for the Texas Game Warden in your phone while hunting. If you witness illegal activity, be sure to call them directly and report the activity immediately.

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Contact For:
Annual Deer Leases
Hog Hunting
Turkey Hunting
mike hopkins
Mike Hopkins
120 Powell Crossing
Lipan, Texas  76462
Cell: (817) 366-9983
             Contact For:
Season Dove Leases
Private Dove Leases
Season Duck Leases
patrick hill
Patrick Hill
6004 Schluter Road
Ponder, Texas 76259
Cell: (817) 366-2757