We've provided answers to the most common questions about our duck leases. CLICK HERE to email Patrick if you have a question that's not answered below, or on the details page of the lease you're interested in.

Question: What does "group up To X guns" and "$xxxx total" mean?

Where a listing says "group up to x guns", that means the lease is for a private group of up to the number of guns listed. For example, a lease for up to 4 guns can have up to 4 hunters on it. If 2 people purchase this lease, they would receive 2 named hunter passes (one for each of them) and 2 Hunting Visitor passes, for a total of 4.

For our example, there can be no more than any of the following combinations hunting with the group, at any time

A named hunter is listed on the lease agreement and may hunt at any time without any other hunter. A person using a Hunting Visitor pass must always be accompanied by a named hunter. A Hunting Visitor cannot use a named hunters pass at any time.

Visitor Hunting passes are only available on leases where the number of named hunters don't take up all of the specified number of guns. A "Hunting Visitor" is not the same as an unpaid hunting guest.

Where a lease says "$xxx total" this is the total cost for that lease. This amount can be split by the group purchasing the lease, however they see fit. This amount is not reduced if fewer hunters purchase a lease. In our example above, 2 hunters would split the total lease cost however they prefer.

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Question: What's the difference between an unpaid hunting guest, and a Hunting Visitor?

An unpaid hunting guest is a person 17 years and younger or 65 and older, hunting as a guest of a named hunter on the lease agreement. The unpaid hunting guest hunts at no additional cost to the named hunter, and the unpaid guest hunts off of the paid hunters daily bag limit.

A Hunting Visitor is any person, regardless of age, hunting with a named hunter on the lease agreement. The Hunting Visitor is hunting under a pass paid for by the named hunter, and may hunt under their own daily bag limit.

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Question: If I want to pay for an entire group lease or split the cost with 1 or more other persons, and we have open spots on the lease, can we get a hunter(s) to fill the spot and add them after we've paid?

Yes you can. If you and/or another person want to pay for a group lease and hold the open spots instead of assigning them as Hunting Visitor(s) we can add additional persons to the lease up until November 1st. Just have the additional person(s) pay you, and then send us their name and address and we'll add them as a named hunter on the lease agreement. Any open spots not assigned by November 1st will be assigned as Hunting Visitor.

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Question: Can I shoot Dove and/or other game on this lease, and can I fish in the reservoir?

The lease provide hunting rights for Teal, Duck, Goose and Sandhill Crane only, as applicable to the county or region the lease is located within. No other wildlife may be taken and fishing is not included unless otherwise specified in writing as part of the lease agreement.

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Question: Will I/We be the only one(s) hunting on the lease or will other people be hunting there?

If you are purchasing a private group lease, you and/or your group will be the only persons hunting on the lease between November 1st and January 31st.

If you are purchasing an individual lease spot, you will share access with all other individual lease members, on the lease you have purchased, between November 1st and January 31st.

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Question: When is payment due, and can you hold a lease for me?

Full payment is due immediately when you decide to purchase a lease. Due to the high demand for hunting leases we are not able to hold a property. We recommend that if you want to look at a lease or leases, you bring anyone that will be required to make a decision about a lease, and pre-determine with your group how you will pay for the lease you want.

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Question: How can we pay for a lease?

We accept cash, checks and credit cards. A 3% online processing fee is assessed on credit card payments. We can invoice each member of your group individually or we can provide a single invoice that one person within the group pays, and that person can collect from others in the group. All invoices are due on receipt and will be canceled if not paid in full within 5 days of receipt. For groups that request individual invoices sent to each group member, all invoices must be paid in full within 5 days from receipt, or received payments will be refunded and lease agreement nullified. Any future attempts by any member of the group to purchase a lease will be done so under a single invoice requiring full payment within 48 hours.

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Question: Is there any type of cover on the leases?

Unless otherwise noted within a specific lease description, you should assume no natural cover exists and plan to build one or more temporary blinds, or use pre-manufactured blinds. Many of the leases are shared by cattle and we have blind plans available that use feed lot panel and T-posts to help protect your blind from damage. It is our opinion that pre-manufactured blinds will work if you have nothing else, but the birds can see these types of blinds if not well disguised with additional natural material and may negatively impact birds coming to your lease.

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Question: Are there food plots or forage to attract birds?

For leases that include hunting over water only, these reservoirs are located in or nearby farming areas where grain crops are grown. We plant Aquatic Wild Rice in most reservoirs. For the leases that include hunting over a field or reservoir, the fields often attract birds to the area.

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Question: I don't have a hunting group. Do you have any hunting leases for individuals?

Each year, we attempt to provide one or more individual duck hunting leases for persons that don't have anyone to hunt with. Individual leases may have from 4 - 15 spots available, depending on the lease. Only the individuals that purchase a spot on an individual lease hunt that lease. We share contact info between individuals on a lease, so they may communicate with one another about blinds, decoys, hunting dates/times, patterns, etc. Individual spots range in price from $700 - $1500 seasonally.

Individuals are welcome to purchase any group lease, and we will assign "open" spots as Hunting Visitor (i.e. lease allows up to 3 guns for $1500; an individual purchases lease for $1500 with 2 Hunting Visitor passes for a total of 3).

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